New conference! Critical Media Literacy of the Americas, Fall 2020!


ACME is excited to announce a new conference organized by a large steering committee representing 10 West Coast universities and a regional media literacy activist group. 

The Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas, October 17–18, 2020, at California State University, East Bay, seeks to bring together scholars, activists, students, and educators from North, Central, and South America in order to decolonize media literacy. The conference organizers are seeking session leaders who will focus on engaging directly with participants rather than simply delivering tools or sharing research. Topics range from corporatism and critical media theory to social and environmental justice and media activism. Disciplines similarly cover a wide range of possibilities, from education and gender studies to journalism and youth programming.

The submission deadline for proposals is June 19, 2020. We hope to see many of our ACME friends there!