Unknown“ACME’s independent and critical approach to media education is an essential part of re-creating a 21st century news and journalism culture that is less censored, more participatory, and more democratic.”

Dr. Peter Phillips, author, researcher, scholar, and longtime executive director of Project Censored

S_Jhally“Media literacy is so dangerous to media corporations that they have moved to hijack the movement as it builds momentum. ACME’s formation and launch represents a vital alternative to corporate-friendly media education.”

Dr. Sut Jhally, author, researcher, scholar, filmmaker, and founder of the Media Education Foundation

BOOK REVIEW COMMUNICATION REVOLUTION“The problem we face with a hyper-commercial, profit-obsessed media system is that it does a lousy job of producing citizens in a democracy. A solution is real media literacy education that doesn’t just make people more informed consumers of commercial fare, but makes them understand how and why the media system works so they may be critics, citizens, and active participants. This is the type of media education ACME is committed to doing.”

 —Dr. Robert McChesney, author, researcher, scholar, and co-founder of Free Press

JeanKilbourne_8x8“We live in the most media-saturated society in world history. ACME’s approach to media education is critical for us all, giving us the tools to make sense of our media culture and to engage in changing it. This is vital for our students, our schools, our communities, and ultimately, for our democracy.”

Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D., leading U.S. media education expert

lgd“As the online media environment becomes more ‘personalized,’ commercial interests literally choose the news, information, opinion, and products we have access to. ACME’s approach to media education helps us understand that these choices are being made for us in the name of profit—not democracy. Armed with this knowledge, we can insist on public access to all kinds of information, media production, and distribution. Otherwise our hands are tied and our communities are doomed.”

Lauren-Glenn Davitian, CCTV executive director

Portrait of Bill McKibben, author and activist. photo ©Nancie Battaglia“Media are like the air we breathe. ACME’s work with media education is about the key task of making us see more critically this omnipresent reality.”

Bill McKibben, environmentalist and author

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith students spending 6 to 9 hours in front of a screen with entertainment media, far surpassing the amount of hours they spend in school, it is more critical than ever that we develop the skills young people need to critically examine media.  ACME’s approach to media education should be an integral part of every school curriculum.”

— Margo Austin Med LADC, Student Assistance Program (SAP) Counselor, Burlington, Vermont