What should we share about our children on social media?

Those of us with children of our own often struggle with their relationship with media. It seems less common for us to question our habits regarding what we share about our kids in our own social-media posts. Just yesterday, I was talking with a friend about whether I should ask my kids’ permission before posting about them online. In “Who’s Taking Third Shift,” Priya Kumar explores these very concerns. (See also Rob Williams’s review of Tuned-In Family.)

—Ben Boyington

From Who’s Taking Third Shift?

One evening while perusing Facebook, Christine encountered a profile with a public cover image that depicted her two-year-old son sitting in a pile of leaves. The profile belonged to Christine’s babysitter, and Christine hadn’t seen the picture before. (The names of parents in this article are pseudonyms.)

Initially, Christine felt uncomfortable. She told her husband, and they wondered what to do. Should they send the babysitter a Facebook Friend request? Talk to her directly about the photo?


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