ACME at CEMP’s International Summit 11/20–21

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CEMP is holding its international Media Education Summit 2015 at Emerson College in Boston on November 20 and 21. This event begins one week from today! For information and a schedule, click here.

ACME is well-represented at this event:

Friday, 2:30–4. Board member and Edupax founder Jacques Brodeur will present his paper “Ban on Marketing to Children.”

Friday, 2:30–4. Led by copresident Julie Frechette and moderated by copresident Rob Williams, authors from the book Media Education for a Digital Generation (Routledge 2015) will present the roundtable Digital Media Literacy Education: Visions and Possibilities for the Digital Generation, featuring vice-president Ben Boyington, longtime partners Bill Yousman and Lori Bindig from SHU’s Media Literacy and Digital Culture graduate program, and Mass Media Literacy‘s Allison Butler, as well as seven other researchers, educators, and activists.

Friday, 4:15–5:45. Jacques Brodeur, Shara Drew, and Jean Rogers will discuss Media Education and Screen Freedom: Toolkit for Closer Partnering in a roundtable format.

ACME partners and friends are also active in this summit:

Friday, 10:45–12:15. Mass Media Literacy’s Allison Butler and Alexis Ladd, roundtable: Teacher Training in Media Literacy: Exploring Struggles, Successes and Next Steps.

Friday, 2:30-4; Saturday, 10:15–11:45; Saturday, 2–3:30. Julian McDougall, papers and roundtables with various copresenters.

Saturday, 10:15–11:45. Antonio Lopex and Sox Sperry, roundtable: Bridging Sustainability Education with Media Education: Methods, Techniques and Hands-On Approaches from Practitioner Experiences in the Field.

Saturday, 2:00–3:30. Melda Yildiz, paper: Transforming Teacher Education through Global Media Education Activities and Transdisciplinary Participatory Action Research Projects.

Saturday, 2:00–3:30. Allison Butler, paper: Self-Awareness and Self-Expression: Youth Sense-Making of Secrecy, Privacy, Publicity, and Security.

Saturday, 2:00–3:30. Paul Mihailidis, paper: The Civic Actor Gap.

We hope you will join us for what promises to be an exciting and productive meeting of media minds!

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