Action in Media Education Summit 2016!

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New Directions for Media Literacy Education in the Digital Age

We hope you will join us on April 15 and 16 for ACME’s fifth international media-education summit, hosted by and organized with SHU’s Media Literacy & Digital Culture graduate program and cosponsored with Project Censored. This event, held at Sacred Heart University’s Martire Building, the home of MLDC and the School of Communication & Media Arts, features action-based presentations and discussions about the greatest problems that face us in media and media education today. The day will also feature a special lunchtime roundtable discussion with the Global Critical Media Literacy Project, a new education venture created by Project Censored, ACME, and the MLDC.

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April 15 Training Schedule
April 16 Summit Schedule
Summit Program

Martire main

f22fcb6b5c09b27a29194d2a5a96ee91ACTION IN MEDIA EDUCATION” TRAINING
[Friday, 8:00–4:00; keynote 6:00–7:00]

The summit begins on Friday with a training for K-12 educators, providing tips and tools you can put to use in your classroom or program right away. The day ends with a keynote by Dr. Elaine Young of Champlain College, “Media Education Takes a Digital Village.” In her talk, Dr. Young will outline the infrastructure challenges that our homes, schools, and communities are facing and will provide a roadmap to help parents, teachers, and citizens leverage the full potential of digital technologies. forum from above.jpg

[Saturday, 8:30–4:30; panels 4:45-5:45; keynote 6:00–7:00; reception 7:00]

On Saturday, in 17 workshops and roundtable discussion organized by theme and area of impact, nearly 40 presenters will engage participants in seeking and creating solutions to the problems that face our media-saturated society.

• Pedagogy: effects and programs for media education in classrooms
• Race, Gender, and Class: representation of demographics and movements in news and entertainment media
• Citizenship: digital tools and media action as both avenues and barriers to citizen engagement
• Media Violence: problems and solutions for the impact of media violence, particularly on youth
• Health: interventions for physical and mental health, particularly among adolescents
• Digital Production: creating youth engagement and connecting education through news production and storytelling
• Journalism: news and news satire as political and cultural framing
• Film and Television: impacts of film and television messaging for consumers and educators

Click here for the Summit Schedule.
ground floor from stairs no ppl.jpg

f22fcb6b5c09b27a29194d2a5a96ee91 PANELS AND KEYNOTES

Cap off your ACME experience with inspiring presentations and networking with fellow media educators and activists! Immediately following Saturday’s sessions, there will be two panel discussions by ACME satellites and partners:

Media Education for a Digital Generation,” a roundtable discussion with contributors to the book of the same name

“Project Censored: The Importance of Media Literacy in an Age of Censorship,” a panel discussion with Project Censored.
theater with people

These panels, held concurrently, will be followed by a keynote address from media-education pioneer, Media Education Foundation co-founder, and longtime ACME ally Sut Jhally,“Media Education in the Digital Age: A Critical Reappraisal.” In his talk, Dr. Jhally will share his perspective on where we have been as media educators and where we need to go.

The summit will end with a reception for all attendees and presenters in the Forum at the Martire Building. Join other educators and activists for conviviality and conversation. You will leave with new ideas and strategies, new allies, and inspiration for action. Stay connected with ACME and its networked connections, and stay tuned for our fall release of the inaugural issue of ACME’s electronic journal, Action in Media Education, featuring research and commentary from the summit and news of future action from and with the Action Coalition for Media Education.


Note: If you work for a school district or other organization that does not have a PayPal account, you can register for the conference via purchase order. To do so, contact Rob Williams or have your business office make that contact.

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TRAINING (Friday only)
Action in Media Education (AIME) Training for K-16 and Community-Based Educators (Friday): $75 training only (includes ACME handouts, a tasty lunch, and Friday night’s keynote)

SUMMIT (Friday night through Saturday night): choose from the following fee/benefits options:
scholar registration: $175 (includes one year of ACME membership, copy of the book Censored 2016, and a digital copy of Media Education for a Digital Generation)

scholar registration plus AIME training: $200 (one-year membership, Censored 2016, digital copy of Media Education for a Digital Generation)

standard registration: $125 (includes one year of ACME membership and a copy of the book Censored 2016)

standard registration plus AIME training: $160 (one-year membership; Censored 2016)

student/limited income registration: $75 (must be a student or on limited income)

student/limited income registration plus AIME training: $120 (must be a student or on limited income)

f22fcb6b5c09b27a29194d2a5a96ee91 Lodging

For options, see the Travel & Lodging post on our News page. The comments function is live, so if attendees want to discuss sharing transport and lodging for the conference, that might be a great way to start the conversation.

f22fcb6b5c09b27a29194d2a5a96ee91 Questions

If you have questions about…

• the training and programming or other opportunities with ACME, contact Ben Boyington: or 603-558-1157;

• the summit or other opportunities with ACME, contact Rob Williams: or 802-279-3364; or

• the facilities at Sacred Heart University or SHU’s graduate program in Media Literacy & Digital Culture, contact Bill Yousman: or 203-396-8085.

New Directions for Media Literacy Education in the Digital Age

SUMMIT [Saturday, April 16, 2016]

Media Literacy and Digital Culture Graduate Program
School of Communication and Media Arts
Sacred Heart University
The Martire Center for Business and Communications
5104 Park Avenue
Fairfield, CT 06825

All photos courtesy of our partners, the Media Literacy and Digital Culture graduate program at Sacred Heart University.

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