Screen-Time Reduction Goes International!

Jacques Brodeur, ACME board member and founder of Edupax (Quebec), is helping to grow screen-time reduction around the world!

Promotion en Français
These two articles in French promote Screen-Free Week as an enthusiastic (and educational) approach to screen-time reduction.

From France, “10 Days Without Screens” (the “webmag” Ma Famille Zen/My Zen Family):

And from Quebec, “Challenge: 10 Days Without Screens” (WixxMag):

ACME-Quebec and Edupax Take Screen-Time Reduction to France
ACME-Quebec and Edupax are holding a one-day symposisum in France, in partnership with an elementary school in Paris where students have participated in the Screen-Free Week every year since 2009.

The main focus of the conference is to share knowledge and expertise with parents, teachers, psychologists, and health professionals about the Screen-Free Challenge that has been organized in more than 180 schools in 12 regions of France since 2008.

The Challenge is similar to Screen-Free Week, but organized schoolwide (as part of the educational curriculum) and community-wide (as part of the city recreation program).

Thanks to CCFC for leading the way to screen-time reduction in the United States.

The conference program, purpose, and history can be found (in French) at

Presenters include
• French philosopher Bernard Stiegler
• Educational consultant Kristine Paulsen (Michigan, USA), creator of the website Take The Challenge/Take Charge
• Sophie Jehel, who participated in the Founding Conference of The Cultural Environment Movement, with the late Dr. George Gerbner
• the many mothers, teachers, and librarians who initiated the Screen-Free Week in their own schools or communities across France

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